TREES at Le Jardin

Ninebark Tree
Ninebark trees grow between 6 and 10 feet tall with an equal spread. They have reddish-brown exfoliating bark, 1- to 3-inch-long green leaves with three to five lobes, multiple stems and curved, spreading branches. They produce rounded clusters of pinkish-white blossoms late in the spring.


Weeping Willow Tree



Maple Tree

Diadora Tree



Weeping Cherry Tree



Cutleaf Japanese Maples
The Cutleaf Japanese maple gets its name from its deeply cut leaves. The lobes of the leaves are cut to the leaf petiole. Each lobe is finely serrated and each serration is further toothed. This delicate leaf morphology is colored in shades of either green or red and is the most attractive feature of the plant.

Banana Trees
Bloom from Mother’s Day until the first frost.


Zelkova Serrata
It is a medium sized deciduous tree usually growing to 30 meters (100 ft) tall. This tree is characterized by a short trunk dividing into many upright and erect spreading stems forming a broad, round topped head. The tree grows rapidly when young though the growth rate slows to medium upon middle age and maturity.