Deliciously Creative Cakes from Ann’s Cake Pan

Two generations have been working together to make deliciously creative cakes suitable for any occasion. Ann’s Cake Pan is a family owned business located in Montgomery County, Pa., that began over forty years ago.

Ann’s Cake Pan recreates any vision that their clients may have, from graduations, baby showers, or weddings; Ann’s Cake Pan does it all. They can also recreate a wide variety of seasonal flowers to match any color palette for your affair!

Ann’s Cake Pan was created by Ann Natter who started baking cakes as a hobby for family and friends. It quickly evolved into baking for local schools and churches and eventually, through word of mouth, Ann had received referrals from hotels and country clubs. The business was kept in the family and is currently run by Bill, John and Lisa.


Want to get to know a little about the master bakers behind the masterpieces?

Bill, the master baker, graduated from Dunwoody Institute in Minneapolis for cake and pastry art. He has been baking delicious creations for thirteen years and makes sure that the sweets look as great as they taste. Bill has been a creative talent, coming up with some amazing cake flavors, frostings and fillings!
John Natter won first place in the Wedding Cake Competition at the largest retail baking industry event which was held in Atlantic City in 2002. There were 6,000 people in attendance and John’s cake (featured below) won first prize because of his lifelike flower creations and stunning display. Since then he has continued to “wow” customers with his cake creations.

Ann’s Cake Pan is a family owned business that has tremendous talent making exquisite cakes. To read about some of their flavor choices or to find out more go to  or call (215) 646-4558.

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