How To Make Your Wedding Unique & Fun

Every bride it trying to find a way to make her wedding unique and fun. Here are some simple ways to add a fun creative touch to your wedding that will have your guest talking about it until your golden anniversary. 

Something Old: When trying to incorporate something old into your wedding, what better way to do it than with table numbers. Each table can have a different couple — grandparents, aunts and uncles and parents — that have made an impact on your life. Have a picture of them on their wedding day with a little description underneath it. It is a way to incorporate past weddings into yours.

Second Dress: Many celebrities wear a dress for their ceremony but then change into another more comfortable dress for the reception. Your the celebrity for the day, why not have a dress for your reception too? It doesn’t have to something over the top. Many boutiques will have a package if you buy one wedding dress, you get the second one marked down.

Social Media: Today everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Why not use this to your advantage. If your guests are posting pictures on Instagram or twitter, ask them to hash tag your wedding. For example, if it is Michael and Courtney’s wedding 2014 then your hash tag would be #Michael&Courtneywedding2014.  That way you and your guests can view the pictures that are being taken by the guests at the wedding and the reception. Let your guests know what to hash tag by placing a sign either near the entrance of the wedding or at the tables during the reception.

Make A Skit: To get the wedding going you can have some of the bridal party get together and put on a little dance or skit for everyone after dinner. Not only will your guests get a big kick out of it, it will get everyone in the mood to party the rest of the night away.

Photo booth and Charactures: Give back to your guests. Have a photo booth or characture artist set up in another area at your venue where your guests can be silly, take some pictures or have them drawn to take home. They will always remember your wedding and how much fun they had there.

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