Ways To Survive Wedding Season

Is your summer calendar full of weddings and all of the events that surround them? Wedding season can make you realize how many people you actually know and how much money attending a wedding entails. A simple solution– stop making friends and you wont have to attend anymore weddings–kidding!! But here are some tips that will make it enjoyable and not burn a hole in your wallet. 

Plan Ahead And Budget: One of the reasons newly engaged couples set the date far in advance is so you can save money and they can plan. If you know you have multiple weddings in a short time frame, budget yourself. Set aside some money each paycheck for the wedding festivities. You must include the bridal shower gift and wedding gift itself , which you should give an amount that will cover your meal and your guests meals — its just proper wedding etiquette.

Maximize Your Wardrobe: Your budget should include clothes, if you don’t plan on wearing things from your closet. To maximize your wardrobe, pick out some basic tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched while you are spending the weekend with wedding festivities. We assume you will buy a new dress for the wedding — or better yet ask your friend who’s the same size to borrow something from her closet.

Bring A Guest: Usually the bride and groom will give you the option to bring a date. If you are in a relationship, that person will probably be your plus one, but if you aren’t, think about bringing a friend. Having a guest to go with you to a wedding makes it more enjoyable, plus you won’t get stuck at the kids table.

Be Social: Mingle with the guests at the bridal shower, bachelorette party, bridal luncheon, and rehearsal dinner. By the time the wedding arrives you will feel like you already know a bunch of the guests and you will enjoy the wedding and reception much more.

Have Fun: Enjoy your time celebrating the happy newlyweds. They put so much time and effort into planning their wedding, they want to see that their guests are enjoying themselves.

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