Winter Wedding Hacks

It’s the most coldest time of the year! Winter weddings are great – there’s a built-in theme, no one’s away on vacation and venue prices are usually at their lowest.

Here are a few ideas for how to stay cozy warm and embrace the winter theme.

1. Candles & Lanterns
Candles can be incorporated into any design and add a soft romantic glow to the night. Nothing says winter quite like a fire.
2. Ice Sculptures
Embrace the cold and invite it to your wedding! Ice sculptures make amazing decorations that will really wow your guests.
3. Blankets
If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, put blankets at the door for your guests to use. Keep your guests warm so they can save their energy for the dance floor!
4. Hot Chocolate Station
Set up a winter favorite with cups of hot chocolate and toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream & cinnamon. Guests will love the warm beverage before they have to go back into the cold and it adds a unique touch to dessert.
5. Long Sleeves & Fur Wraps
Stay warm so you can focus on your vows. There are so many dress options with long sleeves or jackets and fur wraps that will keep you warm and add some extra style to your winter wonderland pictures.